What To Do With Water Damaged Carpet

Posted on: 15 September 2014


Water damage from a flood or water heater leak can be devastating to carpeting. The resulting rot and mold can be difficult--or even impossible--to remove. If your home has been damaged by flood water, saving your carpet may not be possible. In many cases, carpet that has been exposed to flood waters should be thrown out. However, if you are determined to save your carpeting, you may be able to do so with the right equipment. Act fast, because mold can begin to grow in wet carpeting within 24 to 48 hours.

Dry the Carpeting

As quickly as possible, dry out the carpeting using a wet/dry vacuum, dehumidifiers and fans. Dehumidifiers are available for rent at many home improvement centers. Remember to close your windows when running the dehumidifier, to prevent outdoor humidity from entering the house. If appropriate for the time of year, run your air conditioner.

If possible, remove the carpeting from the tack strip and dry it from the clothes line in your yard. If you are able to remove the carpeting, the padding beneath should be replaced. 

Steam Clean the Carpeting

Steam cleaning is a process that uses hot water to clean and deodorize carpeting. Although steam cleaning can be done as a DIY project, this is not advisable under the current circumstances. Failure to steam clean correctly may result in the total loss of the carpet. For best results, contact professional carpet cleaners, like from Paradise Cleaning & Restoration. Professional cleaners will know all the best treatments and are unlikely to make errors.

Sanitize Baseboards and Walls

Even if you remove the mold from the carpet, if there is mold growing anywhere else in your home, it is likely to spread back to your carpet over time. Sanitize all the walls and floors with a mixture of bleach and water to kill the growth of mold in other parts of your house.

Know When to Give Up

Mold can cause respiratory problems, eye irritation and nasal stuffiness. In some cases, mold poses a serious health risk to humans, particularly for those with a compromised immune system and individuals with allergies. Moldy carpeting has a foul odor that makes living in a house unpleasant, and presence of mold can devalue your home.

There may come a point wherein, despite all your efforts, your carpeting still contains mold. If this is the case, removing or replacing the carpet is the best course of action.