Four Benefits Of Buying And Flying Antique Aircraft

Posted on: 17 March 2016


Whether you have been flying for decades or have only recently obtained your license, it probably isn't hard to understand the appeal of antique aircraft. Their familiar styling and relative rarity make them a popular conversation starter, and their simpler engines and controls often make them an interesting new challenge to fly. If you have always loved antique airplanes but are hesitant to purchase one of your own, consider the following four benefits of investing in this hobby. 

Preserving and Experiencing the Past

Aircraft have shaped the course of human history for over a century, playing critical roles in both peace and war. By owning an antique aircraft and keeping it in flying condition, you are doing your part to preserve a small portion of history. Better yet, you will be able to share the sights, sounds, and sensations of pilots who flew decades before you, bringing history back to the present every time you take to the air.  

Enjoying Simpler Maintenance and Repairs

Modern aircraft use advanced safety and navigation systems that can make it impossible to perform your own maintenance and repairs. Although these systems are undoubtedly safer, many experienced pilots enjoy working on their own craft. Antique airplanes are ideal for this since they tend to be simpler in nature and will not have computer components to worry about. Of course, you should only perform maintenance on a plane if you are certain of your expertise, so contact your area antique aircraft restoration and repair specialists if you are at all concerned.

Flying With More Tactile Controls

Much like the increasingly refined engine and navigation technology of modern airplanes, the flight experience of an antique aircraft is tangibly different. It may be roughly comparable to driving a car with and without power steering; the increased feeling of weight and control is unnerving to some pilots, but for others it is exhilarating. You should test fly a few different antique aircraft before committing to a purchase in order to find the right model for your flying preferences. 

Exploring the Profit Potential of Antique Aircraft

Finally, many prospective buyers are nervous about buying an antique aircraft because of its perceived expenses in fuel, storage, and repairs. But while you may spend more on fuel than with a modern plane, advances in 3D printing technology have made it significantly easier to find replacement parts. Furthermore, a well-maintained antique airplane can be a popular attraction at historical re-enactments, fairs and other events, the proceeds of which may help offset any extra costs you incur. If you have always dreamed of flying through the air in a classic airplane, start looking into your options to find antique aircraft for sale in your area and learn what it's like for yourself. 

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