Prepare Your Windows For Winter In 4 Easy Steps

Posted on: 28 March 2016


One of the areas of your home where heat is most likely to escape from is your windows. If you want to stay warm this winter, you need to take a few minutes and make sure that your windows are prepared for winter weather. Doing this should help reduce the overall heat that is lost from your home and should help lower your heating costs this year.

Clean Your Window

The first thing you need to do is clean your window. Open up your window and remove all dirt and debris from the window sill. You can vacuum up the debris,or use a wet cloth to remove the debris. After you clean the window sill, be sure to also wipe down the edges of the window where it slides up and down.

Even tiny pieces of debris that get caught in your window sill can interfere with the seal around your window. Effectively cleaning the sill and all moving parts will ensure that your window has the most effective seal possible when you close it. This will help cut down on the loss of warm air from your home. 

Inspect Your Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is material that goes around windows and doors. Its purpose is to keep the cold air out and the warm air in. If you have window stripping around your windows, check it and make sure that it is not loose, cracked or worn down. If is is loose, reattach it using either glue or nails. If the weather stripping is cracked or worn down, purchase replacement weather stripping at your local home improvement store. 

If you don't have any weather stripping around your windows don't worry, because it does not cost that much and can be easily installed by following the directions on the package. It is a very effective and easy way to cut down drafts from your windows and doors.

Seal Your Windows

Although your windows may look one with the rest of your home, they are actually placed within the frame of your home and are held in place with sealants or caulk. Over time, the sealants and caulk that create a weathertight seal between your window and your home can get worn down. 

Inspect around your windows, both inside and outside, and see if there are any visible cracks in the sealant. If you see any, pick up a tube of either caulk or sealant from your local home improvement store. All you need to do to fix this issue is squeeze out the caulk or sealant, spread it around the compromised area, and allow it to dry. This simple step will cut down on small cracks and spaces where air gets in. 

Install Snap-In Blinds

Finally, if you really want to cut down on the cold that comes from your windows, install some snap-in blinds. Snap-in blinds are designed to fit inside of your window frame, and provide a tight cover over your windows. They will help keep the cool air that comes off of your windows contained and will help keep your home warmer this year.

Get your windows ready for winter and cut down on any potential draft by following the steps above. For more help, contact a company like Northridge Screen.