3 Minor Storm Damage Repair Projects That You Can Do On Your Own

Posted on: 25 August 2016


Storm damage is a problem that many homeowners face, which can be costly to have repairs done. Sometimes, there may even be repairs that are not that noticeable. While major damage is something that you probably want to have professionals repair, there are some of the smaller issues that you may want to do yourself. Here are some of the minor storm damage repair projects that you can tackle on your own:

1. Replacing Small Sections Of Missing Gutters Damaged By The Storm

There are small sections of gutters on many homes that can easily become loose, be blown off, or succumb to problems like debris that falls or fills them. This may be one of the only problems you have after a storm, which you can fix yourself. First, you will want to remove the section of gutters by taking the fasteners out, which are usually nails or screws. Take the section to a hardware store to get a new section to replace it.

2. Replacing Damaged Woodwork Around Your Home

Storms can also bring high winds to your home, which can cause damage to woodwork. This can be things like soffit and cornice being blown off your home. If you only have a little bit of damage, you may be able to replace the woodwork yourself. You can use a handsaw to make a clean cut of any broken and splintered materials. Get the pieces you need to fill in the area where the wood is missing and use finish nails to do the repairs. You may want to paint the sections where repairs are done to blend them into the rest of your home. This includes painting adjacent materials.

3. Replacing Shingles And Doing Other Roof Repairs Caused By High Wind And Storms

Roofing is one of the main areas of your home where damage can be a problem. Sometimes, the damage can be noticeable when shingles are missing. The damage can also be less noticeable due to things like torn shingles, hail damage and other hardly visible damage. To prevent water problems, these are issues that you will want to quickly repair by patching holes and replacing missing and damaged shingles.

These are some of the minor storm damage repair projects that you may want to do on your own. If you need help with some of the bigger problems, contact a storm damage repair service, such as Wolfe's Contracting, to get the repairs done.