3 Storm Damage Issues That You Will Want To Get Repaired To Stop Problems

Posted on: 29 August 2016


When a storm comes, there are likely to be many different issues with damage to the exterior of your home. Some of these problems can be issues with woodwork and materials being blown off your home, and there may be a great deal of roof damage as well. Here are some of the storm damage issues that you will want to ensure get quickly fixed on your home:

1. Addressing Issues With Utilities First To Ensure Safety While Doing Repairs  

Utilities are a major danger after you have had a storm through, which is why repairing this damage should be your first priority. Things like downed electrical lines and telephone wires can be a hazard during repair work. If you have downed utility lines, contact the utility service to take care of these problems and do not attempt to do anything with them yourself. In addition, stay away from things like tree branches and debris that are touching live electrical cables.

2. The Woodwork On Your Home Getting Damaged In High Winds

Issues on the exterior of your home can be in many different areas. One of the areas that you may need to do repairs to is the woodwork on the exterior of your home. This can be due to winds that blow off features like wood fascia or cause windblown debris damage. These areas can be vulnerable to leaks when more rains come, which is why you may want to have the repaired quickly to ensure that water does not get behind woodwork and cause problems like mold.

3. Dealing With Issues Of Roof Damage And The Water Problems From Leaks

The roof of your home may be where some of the worst damage is. It is also an area that can lead to serious water damage. The first step in repairing any water damage will be to stop the leaks. Once you have the roof fixed, you will want to address any issues with water in your home, which can lead to problems with mold and rotting of the wood framing. A water damage repair service such as Arkansas Restoration Services Inc can help you with these problems to ensure your home is safe and mold free.

These are some of the issues that you will want to be sure to get repaired quickly on your home. If you have found damage after a storm, contact a water damage contractor to help get the leaks stopped first and prevent further water damage to your home.