Three Ways Hiring Water Damage Remediation Professionals Can Protect You From Further Damage

Posted on: 8 September 2016


Although hiring a water damage remediation team is an unexpected and often unwelcome expense, it's vital to have the professional determine whether your water damage is extensive or localized and whether it came from a leaky pipe or a hurricane. DIY remediation is sometimes okay for the smallest mishaps, but in every case having a professional team can improve the results significantly and reduce the likelihood of further expenses resulting from the damage. Here are three ways a professional remediation can not only solve the current problem but also ensure that you won't have to pay for a repeat performance.

1. Providing a warranty

Reputable damage remediation professionals are proud of the high quality of their work. They not only hold their work to high standards but also want to inspire customers to be confident in it as well, so they commonly stand behind their work by offering a warranty on the cleanup. This means that you'll have the assurance that they'll fix anything that goes wrong with their work later without additional cost to you (something that wouldn't happen if you did the remediation on your own).

2. Preventing immediate complications

Another way the team can reduce overall costs to you is by getting the area dried up immediately. The faster the water is cleaned up and the area is dried out, the less the water damage will spread and the less likely you'll be to have far-reaching complications. Some complications that can occur when water damage isn't cleaned up fast enough include:

  • Growth of pathogens in the water
  • Mold and mildew sprouting on the affected materials
  • Water marks spreading across the affected surfaces
  • Belongings becoming irrevocably damaged

Water damage remediation professionals have industrial-strength fans, wet-vacs, absorbent materials to soak up water, and other professional equipment that can help them dry the area thoroughly before these complications occur.

3. Probing for hidden damage

Damage remediation professionals have a long history of experience in how water spreads through your house after an incident occurs. They will recognize the most likely paths for water to travel and can make sure that the water hasn't spread there yet and that it doesn't get a chance to (or, if it has, they can detect it and solve any damage it's caused).

Offering a warranty on their cleanup services, halting the spread of water damage, and finding hidden areas of damage that a DIY job might not catch are three of the things that make a professional cleanup job an absolute must for a water damage incident of any appreciable size. For more information, contact a company specializing in flood damage repair.