What Is A Gear Pump?

Posted on: 27 January 2017


When it comes to getting fluids from one place to another, there are several different kinds of pumps. One type of pump is a gear pump. 

Gear Pump

A gear pump is a positive displacement pump. That means that it makes whatever fluid it's pumping move by trapping some of that fluid and then pushing, or displacing it, into a discharge pipe. A gear pipe does this by using meshing gears. As the gears go around, they create an empty cavity on the suction side of the pump that sucks in the fluid. The fluid gets caught up in the gears and is then pushed towards the discharge pipe where it can exit the pump.

There are external and internal gear pumps. Internal gear pumps are used in places like the oil pump in your car. An external pump is generally used in places where a more precise amount of fluid must go through the pump and a precise control of the flow of the pump needs to be exercised. These pumps are often seen in places where chemical additives need to be added into other fluids. 

Benefits of a Gear Pump

There are a lot of benefits to using a gear pump. One is that a gear pump creates less cavitation than a centrifugal pump does. Cavitation is when pockets of air or other vapor are created within a liquid, which creates empty pockets that could damage the pump. Cavitation tends to happen around things like propellers and centrifugal pumps. 

Another benefit of gear pumps is that they can be used with all kinds of liquids of varying viscosities. Gear pumps also tend to be pretty easy to maintain, which means they can be easily taken apart and fixed as necessary. 

Drawbacks of a Gear Pump

There are also some drawbacks to a gear pump. They include the fact that the fluid that is being pumped has to be free of abrasives that could get caught in the gears or cause too much wear and tear on the teeth of the gears, which could lead to gears having to be replaced early or the pump breaking down. Another drawback is that the pumps can't be controlled by throttling the discharge. 

There are a lot of pumps out there. For more information about the different kinds of pumps that would work for your needs, contact local professionals like HyVal Industries Inc.