Learn How To Have Your Older Home's Crawl Space Waterproofed Quickly And Easily

Posted on: 20 March 2017


When you purchase an older home, there are many different things that need to be looked over to ensure that you and your family have the safest place to live that you possibly can. One important area that needs to be checked right away is the crawl space. You want to be sure that it's properly waterproofed so that moisture is not collecting in the space, allowing mold to grow. The guide below walks you through what to inspect when your crawl space needs to be waterproofed.

The Crawl Space Must be Inspected

The first thing that must happen is the crawl space must be inspected. A professional needs to look to see if there are any cracks in the foundation and if they see any places where water is seeping into the space. It will be pointless to waterproof the crawl space if water can continue to get into the space.

Repair Any Damage that Is Found

The company will then need to repair any damage that they see. There are many times when small cracks can be repaired within a very short period of time for an affordable amount. Before any repairs are done, the company will give you an estimate or what the repairs will cost so that you can determine if the cost is within your budget.

Remove Any Standing Water

After the repairs are made, any standing water will need to be removed from the crawl space. Large amounts of water cannot simply be vacuumed out. A sump pump will be installed under the house so that the water can be piped away from the house. A sump pump can be installed quickly and will start pumping out the water right away. The great thing about having a sump pump installed is that if the crawl space ever floods due to extreme weather conditions, the pump will kick on and start removing excess water immediately.

Protect the Walls in the Crawl Space

The walls in the crawl space need to be covered with a barrier that blocks moisture so that the space can stay as dry as possible. A polyurethane vapor barrier is commonly used to create the barrier in the crawl space. It needs to be installed by professionals to ensure that it is installed properly.

Once the professionals finish waterproofing your crawl space, you should not have any problems with moisture collecting in it again. If any water does get into the space, the sump pump will remove it quickly for you so that no issues will arise.