Have A Feeling Mold Is Growing In Your Home? Get A Mold Inspection Done

Posted on: 1 October 2019


Feeling stressed over the possibility of having mold in your home? If you constantly feel like you are experiencing an allergic reaction when you are at home because your eyes become irritated, your skin starts to itch, and you are sneezing more often than you ever have before, you could have mold inside the home. If these symptoms have been going on for months and you initially thought it was just a cold or allergies, it is possible that the presence of mold in the home is causing the different symptoms that you are experiencing. While you can look around the home for evidence of mold on your own, it is far better to hire an inspector to complete a mold inspection for you.

What Goes on During the Inspection?

The reason it is so important to have an inspection performed is to find out if mold is growing inside the home. The inspectors can identify different types of mold growth, making you aware of exactly what type of mold is present and where it is appearing throughout the home, such as the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or even the basement. The inspectors will use equipment to take air samples from the home. Along with taking air samples, the inspectors may need to take samples from different surfaces, including the ceilings, cabinets, and drywall in certain rooms. After the samples are taken, they are usually tested in the lab and then the results are provided. You will become aware of these results and may then act accordingly based on the findings.

How to Make Sure Your Home is Mold-Free

If it turns out that mold has been growing in the home, you need to use mold remediation services to clear the home of this unhealthy growth. Never try to remove mold by yourself with cleansers that have been purchased at home improvement stores because you could put yourself at risk of excessive mold exposure. The mold remediation professionals will use certain equipment to get rid of the mold from inside the home, such as air scrubbers and special vacuums that help with the removal process. Upon removing the mold from different surfaces, it is then disposed of properly by these professionals.

Regular exposure to mold can lead to a lot of symptoms that are similar to the symptoms a person would experience when they have allergies or a cold. If you are concerned about mold growth, hire an inspector to check the property. You will quickly find out if you need to use mold remediation services or not.