Prepare Your Windows For Winter In 4 Easy Steps

Posted on: 28 March 2016

One of the areas of your home where heat is most likely to escape from is your windows. If you want to stay warm this winter, you need to take a few minutes and make sure that your windows are prepared for winter weather. Doing this should help reduce the overall heat that is lost from your home and should help lower your heating costs this year. Clean Your Window
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Two Ways To Remove Paint From Wood Siding

Posted on: 23 March 2016

Removing paint from wood can be a painstaking process. There are many ways to go about it, and some paint jobs can be very stubborn, whether they are extremely old or recently painted. This article uses the example of wooden siding to explain two different approaches to paint removal. Of course, most of the same rules and techniques apply with other painted wood surfaces. You will learn if it is more practical to remove your paint with power sanders or chemical stripping agents.
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Basement Waterproofing: Common Window Well Problems And Solutions

Posted on: 18 March 2016

Having windows on your foundation can help let in natural light to the basement and allow for proper ventilation, helping to eliminate musty smells in the basement area. Unfortunately, basement windows can also let in huge amounts of water during a storm, resulting in basement flooding issues. Window wells are designed to prevent water from collecting near the foundation and are often installed if a basement windowsill is at or below the level of soil adjacent to the window.
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Four Benefits Of Buying And Flying Antique Aircraft

Posted on: 17 March 2016

Whether you have been flying for decades or have only recently obtained your license, it probably isn't hard to understand the appeal of antique aircraft. Their familiar styling and relative rarity make them a popular conversation starter, and their simpler engines and controls often make them an interesting new challenge to fly. If you have always loved antique airplanes but are hesitant to purchase one of your own, consider the following four benefits of investing in this hobby.
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