Basement Waterproofing: Common Window Well Problems And Solutions

Posted on: 18 March 2016

Having windows on your foundation can help let in natural light to the basement and allow for proper ventilation, helping to eliminate musty smells in the basement area. Unfortunately, basement windows can also let in huge amounts of water during a storm, resulting in basement flooding issues. Window wells are designed to prevent water from collecting near the foundation and are often installed if a basement windowsill is at or below the level of soil adjacent to the window.
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Four Benefits Of Buying And Flying Antique Aircraft

Posted on: 17 March 2016

Whether you have been flying for decades or have only recently obtained your license, it probably isn't hard to understand the appeal of antique aircraft. Their familiar styling and relative rarity make them a popular conversation starter, and their simpler engines and controls often make them an interesting new challenge to fly. If you have always loved antique airplanes but are hesitant to purchase one of your own, consider the following four benefits of investing in this hobby.
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What To Do With Water Damaged Carpet

Posted on: 15 September 2014

Water damage from a flood or water heater leak can be devastating to carpeting. The resulting rot and mold can be difficult--or even impossible--to remove. If your home has been damaged by flood water, saving your carpet may not be possible. In many cases, carpet that has been exposed to flood waters should be thrown out. However, if you are determined to save your carpeting, you may be able to do so with the right equipment.
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